Step 1: Basics

You can find tons of CompTIA courses on YouTube. Try what suits you.

  • All compTIA courses (click here) Not necessary to purchase the exam voucher, just study and take the knowledge.

  • Linux (click1, click2, click3, click4), Windows (get familiar with CMD, PowerShell, sysinternals, registry, logs, etc.)

  • Programming (Python - There are unimaginable free resources to learn python. Such as coursera, YouTube, Tutorial sites, etc.), scripting (Bash - click1, click2 , PowerShell), Frontend stack for source code review, and it will help you to understand web application more quickly and easily.

  • Working of a website - How, Why, What?

You can find free of cost study material in abundance for frontend and python. Make sure you don't waste too much time in looking for material only.

Step 2: Networking: use LinkedIn and Twitter as always (Share your learning, insights, ideas)

Step 3: Practice


There are so many resources out there that I can't share everything. So, use this to look for your needs GitHub (type bug bounty, red teaming, blue teaming, malware analysis, etc) Learn to filter out waste and useless info. Not everything is useful but you will learn something for sure.

PS. Don't limit yourself only to these, do your own research as well.

Will update this repo with time.

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